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Pandemic changes

Originally published in the Ketchikan Daily News, July 2020; written by Pat Tully

The Library will be closed on Monday, August 3. When we open at 10am on Tuesday, August 4 things will be a little different—in a good way! Here are the changes we will be making:

- The Library’s open hours will be Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

- The books and other collections in the Children’s Library will be open to adults and accompanying children.

- You may use one of our public computers once a day for up to an hour.

- More tables and chairs will be available for individual reading and study.

- You may check out magazines by requesting them at the circulation desk.

We will continue to offer curbside service for people who prefer not to enter the Library, but it will work a little differently. Place holds on items as you usually do, either using the Library’s online catalog or by phone. The next day (or on Monday if you place a hold on Saturday), come to the Library between 10am-6pm and give us a call when you get to the front of the Library. A staff member wearing a mask and gloves will bring your items to you.

Some things will remain the same:

- New adult books are displayed along the window walls, and new DVDs are shelved with the rest of the DVD collection (look for the blue ‘NEW’ sticker to find the latest DVDs).

- Please bring your own bag for the items that you check out.

- All items check out for three weeks.

- You may use Library wifi with your own device once a day for up to one hour.

- Outreach deliveries are available for our homebound patrons. (To find out more about this service, contact Outreach Librarian Rebecca Brown.)

- The Library has free masks and a hand-sanitizer refill station across from the circulation desk.

- To keep our patrons and ourselves safe, all Library staff wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and practice social distancing. We sanitize public computers after each use, and regularly clean surfaces that are touched frequently. When sick, we stay home.

Due to the pandemic, the Library cannot yet be a meeting or community gathering place. So the Library’s study and meeting rooms will remain closed, as will the Children’s Library play and storytime areas. Newspapers, laptops, headphones, games and toys will stay in storage for now.

Although the Library is not having in-person meetings or programs, we continue to offer online programs for children, teens and adults via Facebook—check out the Library’s Facebook page or YouTube channel! On the radio, Library staff take turns reading their favorite stories on KRBD’s Reading the Classics, which airs on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.

Please contact us with your suggestions, questions and concerns about the Library. Your input helps us make the Library a better place!

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